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Happy Father’s Day Video Mix

KK and LT at Ormond Beach

I love my daughter Kaylie – she is barely 4 months old, but she is the most positive and remarkable person that my wife and I know. What a blessing.

Since I’m feeling blessed, why focus on real estate today? Lets celebrate Fatherhood by picking a few hit videos for posterity.

Lets start with The Godfather of Soul – this is an edited video of amazing dancing. I love the Godfather.

My Dad, Bo Taylor died in 2003 after suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. His favorite singer was Eddy Arnold – a country singer who almost single-handedly led the “Countrypolitan” sound of the middle twentieth century. Here he is singing in 1973 with the smokin’ hot Lynn Anderson. I loved my Dad, and he thought Lynn Anderson was sexy. Here’s to you, Bo.

If my lovely 17 week old daughter grows up to be a famous rockstar, then I want her to rock like the sisters from Heart. This song, “Barracuda” is always on the top 50 list for me.

Happy Father’s Day.


  1. Hey Lee, Great Blog entry. I am sure your daughter, given the right direction could end up being a “Rock Star”. Don’t forget to save us front row seats for her first concert in 2025! Andy and I will be supporting her efforts. David

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