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Real Estate Advice for Divorcing Couples 101


I just got to know Alex Golshan with Keller Williams Hollywood Hills, and he, like me has some real estate expertise when it comes to helping people involved in divorce. A lot of the married population will at some point, so it's an unfortunate reality - look at this chart: I told my story on this website back in December ... I'll say it again - Jonathan Laing moved my market back on April 15, 2002. His advice about falling prices, way back then, gave me a lot of perspective in my divorce sale. Lou and Alex offer a very nice summary on their website about the immediate steps required for a civil agreement when divorce involves real estate assets. Here's the link to their Divorce and Real Estate Page...  Here's a snippet from the article: "...The disposal of a marital home is one of the largest decisions involved in any divorce. Please consult with your attorney to explore all your options. And please chose a Realtor who has … [Read more...]

Who Needs A Movie?

I may be a day late and a dollar short with some of you internet savvy Intown Insider visitors, but nevertheless this video is a telling story of the value of video in all facets of communication, keepsaking and of course, personalized marketing. I present Fred and Sharon...two modern day geniuses. Fred and Sharon rank up there with my list of other favorite Canadian people of the arts... Lee's top 10 Canadian artistes: 10. Gordon Lightfoot 9. Loverboy 8. Saga 7. April Wine 6. Chilliwack 5. Fred and Sharon 4. Triumph 3. Paul Shaffer 2. RUSH 1. Neil Young … [Read more...]

Museum of Design Atlanta – Made in Georgia

Map to MODA

The "Made in Georgia" exhibition begins on June 5, and it should be worth seeing. You can drop during the day at the Museum of Design Atlanta - MODA which is located in downtown within the Lobby and Garden Levels of the Marquis II Office Tower near the Marriott Marquis Hotel and the Peachtree Center Mall. "This exhibition is curated by Carie Davis, Design Manager for Coca-Cola & President of IDSA Atlanta and is in conjunction with the Industrial Design department at Georgia Tech. Building off the success of Japanese Design Today, Raymond Loewy: Designs for a Consumer Culture and Design at Play: The High Design of Cartoon Network, MODA’s most popular product design-based exhibitions, MADE in GA will look close to home and feature contemporary product design that has its roots in Georgia." Go downtown for lunch or dinner one night and see what's up at MODA. … [Read more...]

Mr. “” is on TV today and throughout June

My business partner Greg Ruis is the recent star of an HGTV television program called "My First Place" which airs on Sunday nights at 1130pm EST. In December, he and our lovely Rootdown client Angela worked hard to get a great deal on a cool house on Delano in Kirkwood. Watch it today at 4:30pm...the show is called "Expensive Taste." Watch it on TIVO too, unless you happen to be awake at 11:30pm on June 19, or at 3:30am on June 20. Greg and Angela are good looking people, and they make good TV. … [Read more...]