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Gnarlz Barkley – “Going On” – Take a funk break

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Another funky video from the pop music geniuses over at Gnarlz Barkley. This is a Wendy Morgan directed dance video shot in Jamaica.

Nice job, gentlemen.


  1. heddy says:

    Singer of Gnarles Barkley has an office across the street from The Creative Circus World Headquarters, right next to Barking Hound Village (no relation). Speaking of Barking, Said lead singer appreciates the subtle Cheet-o smell of Chloe’s paws.

  2. Lee says:

    Heddy – thou doth rock.

    Lets take Ceelo Green the Soul Machine to lunch at Six Feet Under. No kidding. He’s a very pleasant man. Bring him my Kirkwood best wishes.

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