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Better Tell The Fire Chief To Quit Playing Cards

The Remains of a once mighty Jeep

In the past decade, on any given day in the peaceful environs of Grant Park, you might have seen a sturdy workhorse of a man driving his faithful Jeep to and fro … alas, those days have ended.

Less than one year ago, this Jeep came back from a larcenous joyride that would have left other vehicles for lost. It came back painted pink, and covered in mud. Recovered from a Newton County salvage yard, many would have left it for dead. No, not this man among men. He restored the working parts and continued to drive it, pink and muddy. Until this past weekend…

The photograph only tells a wee part of this story.

The owner of this vehicle, Mr. Tad Mitchell gave it all of the love that he could, but in the early morning of May 25, the Jeep burned to the ground while parked across the street from the Grant Park pool.

Tad states that “he is not ruling anything out.” I asked – “was it spontaneous combustion?” Tad states that he is not ruling anything out. I asked – “could it have been a picnic reveller with some leftover lighter fluid – there were 1000′s of people BBQ’ing in the park on Saturday…?” Tad states that he is not ruling anything out.

Possibly, this could have been a hot wire attempt gone bad – nevertheless, City of Atlanta officials have hauled the burned carcass to their laboratory in the hope that they will be able to establish a definitive story. They stand ready to serve a fine citizen like Tad at a moment’s notice.


 I know one Rolling Stones lyric that sums this up – “Sparks Will Fly“:

…You’d better stand back

The flames are high

Better get help

Can’t stop the fire

Bell’s going to ring

Hear the alarms

Better tell the fire chief To quit playing cards…

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