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Look at me – talkin’ smack about “Fort Mac”

I get on Trulia Voices often – it has been a good source of new business for The Rootdown Group and I just can’t help it – lets face it, I am an enthusiatic communicator and I need an outlet. Trulia Voices is one of my outlets!

Trulia makes real estate research easy for consumers – I believe that they have graphically superior software and they have become quite a success story in a very crowded field!

A Trulia Voices question arose – it’s been around for a while, but I just saw the question today.

A gentlemen named Napoleon Williams asked “Are there any redevelopment efforts taking place in West End/Oakland City? How long before it’s noticable?”

I answered: that I’m all about it.

Here’s my answer…

I am.

I am so sold on the growth potential of the gently rolling hills of the Chattahoochee hill country that comprises our Southwest side.

My favorite neighborhoods are Audubon Forest and Audubon Estates northwest of Fort McPherson, and just Southwest of the Westview Cemetery.

Fort McPherson will transform in 2012 and the properties already on post offer a beautiful palate for learning, business, non-profit and other remarkable opportunities.

And, they have a sweet golf course.

And in about 2013, if you live in Audubon Forest and Audubon Estates, you can get on your bike and ride over to 3 public golf courses nearby – John White, Alfred Tup Holmes, and Fort McPherson. Many consider this course to be one of the best in the US Army, and they own golf courses worldwide.

I’m all about it.

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