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Another Intown Atlanta Rock Formation

The Intown Insider at the East Atlanta cliffs…

My friend and fellow Keller Williams Realty First Atlanta real estate agent, Mario Didomizio has been talking about development at the 1o acre property he calls Ashton Cliffs, for 5 years. There are 100' high cliffs - it is remarkable! View Larger Map The property is 7/10th of a mile South of the East Atlanta Village. It is super cool - let me know if you want to see this property. … [Read more...]

Hanan Levin and Grow A Brain


Hanan Levin is the world's greatest at doing what he does. He is a Real estate investor, business man, inventor, entrepreneur, and published poet. He created the Original Real Estate Blog Grow-A-Brain and is co-owner of 'The Champion' Real Estate Company in Riverside, California. He is a Human Vacuum for real estate esoterica and other brilliant dalliances. Like Scott Hagedorn, he is a digital upperclassman and he speaks the lingua franca of the world wide web.   I encourage all of you to grow a brain. … [Read more...]

Decatur CD is what buying music is all about

Pitying the fool...

We pity the fool that don't shop at Decatur CD.  If you love music, then at least subscribe to their blog ... … [Read more...]

More from Inhabitat – The Modern Mansion

Gehry's Modern Mansion

This is the link to an article at Inhabitat about the new residence of Pritzker Prize winning architect, Frank Gehry. Wow. … [Read more...]