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Whatever happened to the mail order house?

The Chelsea, from the earliest Sears Roebuck collection available 1908-1914

Arrol Gellner is a practicing architect with 30 years of experience in residential and commercial architecture. He is a graduate of the College of Environmental Design at the University of California at Berkeley. He wrote an awesome article about the bygone days of yore when you could buy a "mail order house." If you know about any mail order houses still in use around Atlanta, please let The Rootdown Group know - we would love to see the property! Mass production residential is still in it's "re-infancy," but as we have reported before, there are some nifty new pre-fab ideas out there... Arrol states "Over the course of the 20th century, there have been many attempts to bring mass-production methods to the building industry. " Many folks remember or have heard about the "Sears Roebuck" houses - Arrol offers a nice explanation..."...retailing giant Sears Roebuck began offering houses by mail order. Each Sears Modern Home came in a 25-ton kit consisting of precut lumber … [Read more...]

100 answers to Atlanta real estate questions, and still the Top Fool!

Here's the #1 thing in my life

100 Trulia Voices answers and I'm still #1 That's right yours truly is still #1 in Atlanta. At least as of the end of the day on April Fools Day. I ain't fuh, fuh fuh foolin'... Life is good - get your real estate on! … [Read more...]

Intown Atlanta Painters – read this

"For over 30 years, Paul Bianchina has been combining his two loves, building and writing. Contractor, author, and nationally syndicated columnist, Paul provides his readers with practical home improvement advice that’s written in a clear and easy to understand style." Paul summarizes what every painter needs to know in this article. I wish every painter would read this! and, apply the skills! There are a few slack painters around Atlanta, based on what I've seen. In this super-competitive real estate market, a good paint job could be the determining factor in why someone chooses one house over another. Here's just one tidbit..."Proper cut-in: Do your cut-in work with a brush before grabbing the roller. For best results, you want to overlap your painting while it's still wet, so work in one area at a time, and then roll on the paint before the cut-in has dried. This "wet-lapping" helps blend the paint better." I know some good painters - contact The Rootdown Group … [Read more...]

Intown Atlanta Dog Owners – how about a Tennis Ball Cannon?

[youtube 4PcL6-mjRNk] … [Read more...]

Inhabitat is where it’s at

Rocio's House

I really like what the folks at Inhabitat are doing. Their belief that "green design is good design, good design is green design" is my belief too. Check out this post here about the extra cool Rocio Romero - he's the king of modern, affordable pre-fab housing! … [Read more...]

Mr. Rogers Was The Best Neighbor Ever

Fred Rogers

The folks at Mental Floss are always finding ways to make all of us "feel smart again." Truly, Mr. Rogers Was The Best Neighbor Ever. Thanks for the detailed reminder Mangesh! … [Read more...]