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How to be an appealing Intown Atlanta buyer…

To be an appealing Intown Atlanta buyer, in a Buyer's Market that seeks your purchase from every media touchpoint, you may ask just what is my definition of an “appealing buyer?”    My definition is simple. To be an appealing buyer, you simply comprehend and act forthrightly on the knowledge that when you structure an offer on any property, you must balance price, terms and time. Contrarily, to be an unappealing buyer you fall victim to one or more of the many easily avoidable negotiation pitfalls beginning with the seriousness of your initial look at a property. You understand "win / win" or no deal if you are an appealing buyer.     An offer is never just about price, right?    * PRICE – Here are some solid groundrules…When you present a purchase and sales agreement as an offer with earnest money (equal to 1-2% or more of the sales price) and a time limit for acceptance, if the purchase offer is less … [Read more...]

Adorable Baby Owls find surrogate toy Mom

Owl La La

Thanks again to the brilliant info seekers at Inhabitat for this cute story behind the photo... … [Read more...]

Military Air Drop Bloopers

Your tax dollars at work... … [Read more...]

“The Borings” are suing Google – over diminished home value…


Aaron and Christine Boring, who are the residents of a Pennsylvania property, have filed a lawsuit in Allegheny County’s Court of Common pleas against the mighty Google. They accuse Google of “intentional and/or grossly reckless invasion.” This is an interesting take on civil liberty and right to privacy.  We found this report at We found this report at Gadgetell … [Read more...]

Check Home Prices on your Cell Phone

Row of signs...

Thanks to the geniuses over at Lifehacker we now know about the Jott-Zillow combo that empowers you to get a "Zestimate." Drive by. See a house. Want the price? Just call it in and get a text back. I need three things and I'm confident that I'll come up with something better: 1. Laura Davis-Taylor (got her) 2. A savvy technology guru who can lead a software project (got 100 of them ready to go) 3. $1 Million of spare cash (need that) I have the first two. Does anybody with a spare $1 Million who is reading this want to make a certainly profitable play at an emerging market? Contact me. One thing that would be better, for starters, is for real estate agents to have erect signs and to be proud of their sales businesses, wouldn't it? … [Read more...]

Gnarls Barkley’s new video “Run” is too dangerous for TV

Judge for yourself, but ... the video failed the Harding Test, which is used to tell whether or not televised images might trigger epileptic seizures.The King of Pop appears as a corny TV host. That's right - Memphis, Tennessee's greatest export upon the teenager since Elvis The King, Mr. Justin Timberlake, that King of Pop. Check out what Danger Mouse and Cee Lo have for 2008. … [Read more...]