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You Walk Away – a so-called “protection plan” – hmmmm…

Read their FAQ’s and I believe that you will find that these consumer advisors in Carlsbad, California have a legitimate proposition.

It’s a proposition filled with pitfalls for the consumer, but the concept of caveat emptor is certainly something that a faltered, foreclosed failure should grasp easily…ya think?

I see lots of positives for the crestfallen mortgagor who is about to lose their house by force – here’s one good value proposition from their website:

How to make sure your lender follows the law. They have to follow a strict legal procedure. If they do not follow it perfectly, you may have a case against them.

They provide a “credit repair” service too, so they’ll be in the broke-ass consumer’s pocket until further notice, but, but, but IF YOU QUALIFY, then they have a money-back guarantee. Cool.

Make no mistake about my stance on this, I am not impressed with people who lack personal responsibilty, and who can not grasp the obvious. Certainly, many of the folks who get into a situation of foreclosure may call themselves “victims.”

I can not stand the “victim mentality”, and I can not stand that the clients of You Walk Away are allowed to vote.

They are certainly going to make some money in 2008.

Get your “walk away from foreclosure” on!

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