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Intown Atlanta Artists – Kat and Drew: Doin’ What We Do

Hush Puppy Gallery Event!

Kat Hagan and Drew Dominey, two emerging Atlanta Artists will be hosting a closing reception for their show, Doin’ What We Do, this Friday, March 28th at the Hushpuppy Gallery, starting at 7 PM.
Here’s your directions…379 Woodward, near 6 Feet Under in Grant Park.

The entire show will be on display, in addition to a select number of brand new pieces. Visitors to the gallery will also be able to participate in a Silent Auction on many of the pieces. Additionally, popular local music act, Le Sexoflex, will be performing at the gallery at 8PM.

Le Sexoflex has performed to several near capacity crowds and even appeared on the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie soundtrack, and will be doing an “acoustic” version of their stage show in an intimate setting for this special event.

I’m goin’ just to see the self-proclaimed “sexiest band in the world” performing acoustically…otherwise, Kat and Drew are remarkably talented artists – catch ‘em before they blow up!

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