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Straight Outta East Atlanta Village – Hugs For Hackers

Three of East Atlanta’s resident geniuses, Nate & Travis Dorn and “brother” Scott Roger, were once, back in 2004, the wedding videographers who documented my nuptials with the smoking hot, Laura Davis-Taylor.

Now, quite often, they just blow minds and make people either laugh or think.

And, shoot weddings.

They are three of the coolest fellows in the video business.

Whatever you want to video … let ‘em know.

Their latest creation is Hugs For Hackers.

I’m pretty sure that someone paid them to do this.

Hackers are now out of business, at some IP addresses at least, and thanks to the Dorn Brothers, we can learn how to hug them …

More of their creative blasts here – Dornstar TV

Come to their wacky event in East Atlanta on April 5th …

DornStock 5


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  2. Lee says:

    Max Lancaster.

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