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Don’t try to boil the ocean

My friend Scott Hagedorn is brilliant. I asked his opinion on the real estate market and I am captivated by his insight and gravitas.

“My two cents – learn how to attitudinally segment your prospects. Adam Smith (Wealth of Nations) said that, when it comes to money, all people fall somewhere on a continuum between fear and greed.

Learn how to read where your prospects are and how to tailor your messaging accordingly (within your ethical boundaries).

I’d say that for the greedy (who likely are more savings oriented) – they’re buying but looking for the floor price as they realize the investment.

For the fearful, it is more about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – with shelter being the second rung from the bottom in level of importance. Investing in hearth and heart is critically important.

Maslow’s Hierarchy

Keep in mind my friend, that you’re not a financial advisor. You’re in sales and damn good at it. Don’t try to boil the ocean.”

So, Intown Atlanta real estate Listing and Purchasing prospects – ask yourself where you stand on the continuum between fear and greed.

I can help you from there.

Scott Hagedorn can help you discover “interactive strategies and interactive components of integrated online-offline client programs.”

If you can get a meeting!

Crain’s 40 Under 40 says that “He is a visionary and a dynamite person.” Be sure to watch the video. Well done Scott, and thanks for your insight and gravitas.

You certainly help to galvanize things for Intown Atlanta and Decatur Sellers and Buyers.

Ladies and gentlemen, Scott is a digital upperclassman and he speaks the lingua franca of the world wide web.

Scott Hagedorn is an advanced being with serious game.

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