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How about some fresh fruit?

Lotta Frutta storefront

Lotta Frutta is a runaway Intown Atlanta hit. I discovered this place about a year ago and they have a uniquely delicious approach to fresh foods, and primarily, fresh fruit. Gourmet "lottafrutta" cups - I love the Dulce Vitta! They are located on the corner of Randolph and "sweet" Auburn, and they are open from 7-5, 7 days a week. For breakfast, the Cochita con huevo is freakin' unbelievable! Great coffee too. Patronize these fine folks - you will never regret a visit to Lotta Frutta! … [Read more...]

More “Fresh Air”

[youtube 1EacQEhrbBQ] As I said, the smartest guy in Atlanta real estate, John Adams is always a breath of fresh air. This "fresh air" idea made me think of San Francisco rock and roll legends, Quicksilver Messenger Service and their jammy song, "Fresh Air." John Cipollina is the lead guitarist, and he remains a legend for his searing touch on the 6 string. "John Cipollina's guitar sounded like no other...His signature sound will stand alone for all time as a part of the musical thread the San Francisco Bay Area has wrapped around the world." Listen up and you will hear another legend, Bill Graham, introduce the band as they hit the stage of the Fillmore West in 1972. Fresh air, man. This is some archetypal grooving, baby. … [Read more...]