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Intown Atlanta Foreclosure Alternative

You Walk Away - a so-called "protection plan" - hmmmm... Read their FAQ's and I believe that you will find that these consumer advisors in Carlsbad, California have a legitimate proposition. It's a proposition filled with pitfalls for the consumer, but the concept of caveat emptor is certainly something that a faltered, foreclosed failure should grasp easily...ya think? I see lots of positives for the crestfallen mortgagor who is about to lose their house by force - here's one good value proposition from their website: How to make sure your lender follows the law. They have to follow a strict legal procedure. If they do not follow it perfectly, you may have a case against them. They provide a "credit repair" service too, so they'll be in the broke-ass consumer's pocket until further notice, but, but, but IF YOU QUALIFY, then they have a money-back guarantee. Cool. Make no mistake about my stance on this, I am not impressed with people who lack personal responsibilty, … [Read more...]

The Intown Atlanta Dogwalker’s Perfect Accessory

Concealable. Transformer-style. A flashlight that becomes a semi-automatic self-defense weapon. Watch the video. Get your dog walkin' on! … [Read more...]