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Intown Atlanta Artists – Kat and Drew: Doin’ What We Do

Hush Puppy Gallery Event!

Kat Hagan and Drew Dominey, two emerging Atlanta Artists will be hosting a closing reception for their show, Doin' What We Do, this Friday, March 28th at the Hushpuppy Gallery, starting at 7 PM. Here's your directions...379 Woodward, near 6 Feet Under in Grant Park. The entire show will be on display, in addition to a select number of brand new pieces. Visitors to the gallery will also be able to participate in a Silent Auction on many of the pieces. Additionally, popular local music act, Le Sexoflex, will be performing at the gallery at 8PM. Le Sexoflex has performed to several near capacity crowds and even appeared on the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie soundtrack, and will be doing an "acoustic" version of their stage show in an intimate setting for this special event. I'm goin' just to see the self-proclaimed "sexiest band in the world" performing acoustically...otherwise, Kat and Drew are remarkably talented artists - catch 'em before they blow up! … [Read more...]

Latest Intown Atlanta and Decatur Real Estate Market Statistics

Steve Palm, Atlanta’s resident “residential” real estate statistics guru over at his firm, Smart Numbers, posted his latest analysis this week. He studied the metropolitan Atlanta submarkets through February, and here are the highlights… “The year-to-year percent change for homes going under contract has trended favorably so far in 2008. If housing comes back in 2008, this trend will continue to improve and be our first indicator. If it does, it will improve quickly.” “The monthly year-to-year percentage decline for both single family detached and condos & townhomes are the greatest on record (since the mid-nineties).” “There were 5,925 expired total single family listings in February. Combined with January’s expired listings, there have been 1,700 more expired listings than the same year ago period. There have been 13,516 expired listings for all single family through February 2008, which is almost as many as … [Read more...]

Straight Outta East Atlanta Village – Hugs For Hackers

DornStock 5

Three of East Atlanta's resident geniuses, Nate & Travis Dorn and "brother" Scott Roger, were once, back in 2004, the wedding videographers who documented my nuptials with the smoking hot, Laura Davis-Taylor. Now, quite often, they just blow minds and make people either laugh or think. And, shoot weddings. They are three of the coolest fellows in the video business. Whatever you want to video ... let 'em know. Their latest creation is Hugs For Hackers. I'm pretty sure that someone paid them to do this. Hackers are now out of business, at some IP addresses at least, and thanks to the Dorn Brothers, we can learn how to hug them ... More of their creative blasts here - Dornstar TV ... Come to their wacky event in East Atlanta on April 5th ... … [Read more...]

The New Dance Craze Sweeping the Planet

[youtube hWJxfqZ4D3E] The new dance craze originating in Quebec. We report - you decide. The video is your pathway to niftiness - the rest is up to you. … [Read more...]

Intown Atlanta and Decatur Modern Architecture enthusiasts – go see this

601 3d Avenue

Renewal Construction is doing a remarkable job, one Intown Atlanta and Decatur house at a time. They have an upcoming "pre-drywall" open house inspection of a cool looking "green" modern - the house is a remarkable looking Earthcraft Renovation, and is getting media attention, so if you have any interest in such things, it is worth a little bit of time this weekend. Make sure that you come by their open to the public "open house" on Friday, March 21 from 4-7 pm, or on Saturday March 22, from 9am to 1pm. … [Read more...]

As of this morning, I am #1 in Atlanta


Trulia’s Top Voices in Atlanta for this morning As of this morning, I am the number one ranked "Top Voice" on Trulia, a remarkable real estate website. So far, I've answered 80 questions about the Atlanta real estate market at this online forum since December 12th, 2007. 59 answers were considered "useful." 2 of my answers were considered "best" answers. It ain't braggin' if it's true. Here's a shout out to Rev. Bubba, the IT Director for The Rootdown Group, who makes all of this possible... … [Read more...]