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Wow Intown Atlantans – check out The Big Word Project

Two bright Irishmen just made millions of dollars today by selling word definitions and linking them to specified websites. They’ve had this site up for three days – hot stuff!

The Big Word Project website

As an example, my wife Laura’s website represents her business “Retail Media Consulting” on the world wide web. I bought the word “retail” today, and it is now, henceforth and forevermore, linked by definition to her site.

If this is a gimmick or a hoax, then it only cost me $6.00. If this is for real, then the powerful search term “retail” is now Laura’s word.

I bought a bunch for me too.

My business partner Greg Ruis bought “real” and “estate.” Hmmmm…

Lets see how this little phenomena moves forward…

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