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Today’s AJC article about “bottoming out” + a reminder about economists

Atlanta Home Sales Bottoming Out Link to a PDF version

Atlanta Home Sales “Bottoming Out” Click to read an online version at

A previous Intown Insider article about “the bottom” Words from the man, Bernard Markstein.

A joke about economists for real estate sellers in 2008 A reminder that the AJC’s authority, Roger Tutterow from Mercer University, and Bernard Markstein, the National Association of Home Builder’s authority, are merely economists.

Economists can forecast, but can they really get hyper-local?

I say no. Streets, neighborhoods, school districts and builders with good fundamentals, and Sellers who pay attention to the “leading indicators” for their street smarts will fare just fine in 2008.

Those who are missing the finest fundamentals, must compete on price against lots of competition. Those who don’t pay attention to the “leading indicators” for their street smarts, shall suffer.

Ecclesiastes 3: To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

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