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Robert Green, apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright

Robert Green's Krone House

I communicated with some folks at Trulia Voices today, because someone wrote in seeking preliminary suggestions on how to get a unique, architecturally significant house sold. The Architect of the house is Robert Green.

Some of the friends of love super cool houses just like I do, but many of us didn’t know that up until 2003, an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright was designing metro Atlanta residences. Check out the link…

If you ever see a super cool Intown Atlanta or Decatur house worth sharing with others – maybe it’s a house for sale – then please write us and make sure that we know about it. We’ve been inside 3 different Atlanta area Robert Green properties, and we think that they are all a work of art.

There is a built in demand for well-built contemporary residences at all price points, all over Georgia!


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