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Lakewood – a “Holistic Health Oasis”

The healing power of Lakewood

I am asking anyone that reads this to please let me know where I can find any history on Lakewood's legacy as a Holistic Health Oasis. I've googled it. I've Creatively Loafed it. I've driven the streets of Lakewood in search of it, yet I have not identified any sense of legacy that makes Lakewood Heights a Holistic Health Oasis. We must all flock there for healing. I'm happy to give you a tour. … [Read more...]

A Young Girl Rocks Harder than Kansas

Close your eyes and you'll envision a classic rock masterpiece being played in some basketball arena circa 1978. Open your eyes, watch the video, and witness a young girl playing Carry On My Wayward Son, note for note as if she were the band Kansas at full rock capacity. Here are the American prog-rock masters, Kansas - live in 1976. You be the judge! … [Read more...]