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Yet another great week for Intown Atlanta and Decatur real estate

I counted that I am working with ten different buyers who will buy property Intown before the end of April. One of my clients is obtaining one of the most creative FHA loans that I've ever seen - it is geared to help Intown, urban buyers - HUGE leverage for first timers. I showed properties from Chamblee to East Point last week - probably opened 30 lockboxes. I bought this software that organizes Expired and Withdrawn listing data and helps me track the following - who are the Realtors that are consistently overpricing listings and not getting them sold AND how to contact their former clients when the listing expires or gets withdrawn. I started making calls every morning to ask folks that I don't know when they are going to hire a Realtor who can get their property sold. Aggressiveness counts in this real estate market. My business partner Greg Ruis and I interviewed with the owners of a super cool Robert Green designed house - gorgeous architecture. We believe that we'll earn … [Read more...]