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Take notice of is remarkable and we'll keep it on the Intown Insider blogroll. Here's their methodology... "We examine more than 20 micro market characteristics in each market place, including income levels, employment trends and changes, school enrollment, business trends, regional political influences, real estate sales history and current housing market velocity. The factors are all considered to come up with each local market forecast. All of the information is gathered from hundreds of independent sources the staff develops without bias for the real estate industry to issue the forecasts. Today, Housing Predictor is consulted by the nation's foremost investment houses, mortgage companies, real estate companies and most importantly consumers for our forecasts. Housing Predictor maintains more than an 85% accuracy rating with its forecasts." I am going to read their Georgia forecast updates regularly. If you are an Atlanta property Seller, then you should too! If you … [Read more...]

Another great week in Intown Atlanta and Decatur real estate

Kenickie from Grease looking better

I just read an article written by Dian Hymer entitled "Is selling a home in today's market worthwhile?" Dian is author of "House Hunting, the take along workbook for Home Buyers" and "Starting out, the Complete Home Buyers Guide." Here's a link to find Dian's books on Amazon - she is a great real estate writer! Dian said "Residential real estate is an intensely localized business." Knowing that, I'm even more confident this week about the health of the "intensely localized market" that The Rootdown Group serves. I'll have some stats out later this month, but pending sales appear to be on the rise in Intown Atlanta and Decatur, we all know that primary mortgage interest rates are terrific, and The Rootdown Group is busy. Since January 1st, we have spoken directly with about 30 prospective people whom we know will buy or sell real estate this year, nearly half of them in the next 90 days. Greg Ruis, Dana … [Read more...]