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What’s hotter than Georgia asphalt?

If you read my previous post, then you know that the answer is Ivanka Trump.

What else is hot? Street smarts. Street smarts are always hot.

So. Are you a builder or a real estate investor? If so, tell me what you think of my street smarts and I’ll tell you what I think of yours. We can probably do some business together.

If my street smarts had about $165,000 to invest right now, then my street smarts would buy a sweet lot on the Westside, with a nice view if I can get it – nice neighbors, at the very least. Next thing that my street smarts would do is build a brand new, loaded, amenity rich product that has amazing, classic design with contemporary flourishes, with no shortcuts for excellent craftsmanship and design features. My street smarts would sell the property for less than $300,000.00. Probably a 2/2 with creative, flexible living spaces – indoor and outdoor. Do it with nice materials. Do it on a secure, safe jobsite. Do it better than someone else’s tired old Craftsman mockup going in down the boulevard. Market it with class. Class for a builder starts with an informative website, standard specifications, floor plans, and a sign that stands up straight.

Need I say more?

If you need a recommendation, for a good looking sign that is always posted properly and never leaning, call Lee Taylor on his cell at 404-218-4126. He’s a real estate agent with Intown Atlanta and Decatur street smarts and y’all could make a tidy profit together. Plug that number in.

Of course, you could build one for $400,000.00. Just build it on a nice lot. Please.

$500,000 ? Need a great neighborhood. So so lot is OK. Nice neighbors. However, please don’t overpay for that lot and shortcut somebody if you are not a well operated building practice.

Buyers should have a vivid idea of what they are buying. Buyers shouldn’t pay for your inability to establish an operational profit and your inability to sell the house quickly. It’s the 2008 Intown Atlanta Buyer’s Market, you better be a pro.

$600,000 ? See above. Add nice interior. Really nice landscape. Secure. Delightful neighbors.

$750,000 or more? Intown? It better be nice. On a nice lot. Some buildable lots – some infill choices, are terribly overpriced, aren’t they? Well then, don’t buy ‘em and put a $900,000 house on ‘em, alright?

$1 Million + ? That’s straight up mackin’. It better be nice and the neighbors better be Millionaires Next Door. Millionaires Next Door are sexy. If you build in this price range, please make it sexy. Thank you Ivanka.

So, back to the $300,000 2/2, or a series of $300,000 2/2′s…somebody really cool will buy it. Not some jerk. The creatives, professionals and quality trades people who make up the close-in Intown neighborhoods – the urban dwellers – are cool people and they will accept, and create buzz about the property(ies) and one of them will buy such property at full price in a time frame quicker than the market average. Hmmmm…

By the way, craftsman style can be hot, but it can also be cheaply done and boring – quite a few amateurs and “onesy-twosey” builders have made a lot of mistakes with new construction craftsman houses around town – some of the floor plans and elevations are deplorable. Of course, really bad contemporary design is really bad. Some of the new townhome and loft projects that use fruity pebbles colors and too much corrugated steel look like something out of a circus.

Remember, Frank Lloyd Wright is always hot, even post-mortem, but he is nowhere near as hot as Trump’s daughter.

Right now, “” is getting hot, but not yet as hot as Georgia asphalt on a July day baking somewhere on the ATL’s sprawling urban heat island.

Urban heat island info

Listen up Intown Atlanta and Decatur builders – 2008, 2009, 2010…keep going…looks like a “Buyer’s Market” to me. Value matters, and contemporary design will meet a built in niche demand. Price it to sell and you’ll succeed. Otherwise, keep building the same old, same old, and waiting for a Buyer.

One more tip. Get involved in the neighborhoods that you build in. Thank you.

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