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What’s hotter than Georgia asphalt?

Need I say more?

If you read my previous post, then you know that the answer is Ivanka Trump. What else is hot? Street smarts. Street smarts are always hot. So. Are you a builder or a real estate investor? If so, tell me what you think of my street smarts and I'll tell you what I think of yours. We can probably do some business together. … [Read more...]

Bernard Markstein wants to know – where’s the bottom?

Intown Insider readers - take note of the name Bernard Markstein - he's the VP of Forecasting and Analysis for the National Association of Home Builders, and he knows his stuff. Bernard Markstein is looking for the bottom... "We have yet to see the bottom of the current housing downturn, and the recovery will be slow and steady and heavily dependant on local economic conditions, affordability factors and level of exposure to poorly performing subprime loans, economists told a group of real estate reporters last year. The recovery will take longer than first anticipated, said Bernard Markstein. Many analysts and observers previously were expecting housing markets to perk up later this year, he said, but then the subprime market began showing signs of weakness in early 2007. "We're not going back to a party, but rather a nice simple diet of bread and some chicken broth," he said. Markstein and others expected the market to reach bottom sometime in the Fall of 2007. That … [Read more...]

Why Atlanta’s Real Estate Sellers have commitment issues with Atlanta’s Buyers

I used to read columns by real estate expert Bob Bruss on a weekly basis - when I read a great one, I saved it. Bob died last year. RIP. Bob was a brilliant man. Our real estate market in Atlanta is driven by Buyers right now. Sellers are at their beck and call. Bob's insights in this article are valid and everything that he says here is exactly what I think. Top 5 reasons buyers won't commit to purchase Friday, June 08, 2007 By Robert J. Bruss Spring is the traditional peak sales season for houses and condos. Summer is also usually very good until the traditional August slump, especially for families who want to relocate before school starts. More prospective home buyers are in the market at this time of the year than during any other season. … [Read more...]

I read this 1 page letter monthly. Most real estate agents do not.

Get in the monthly habit of visiting . You can visit more often, if you like. If you come by once a month, like sometime after the 23d or 24th of every month, I'll always have a monthly update from the previous month. I read this every month. You should too. Read it here at the Intown Insider. … [Read more...]

A joke about economists for Real Estate Sellers in 2008

For a detailed look at the economy, the Anderson Forecast out of UCLA is a pretty good resource. You can buy their entire quarterly report, but this link will take you to a good summary - the report includes a deep dive into the failure and hoped for recovery by 2009, of the sub-prime market: UCLA Anderson Forecast December 2007 More information like this, always, at Lots of dry economics. We'll package it as slyly as possible! So, lets tell a joke about economists... … [Read more...]

What the Intown Insider has learned since April 2004

The stately Ivanka

If there is one thing that I've learned in my first 45 months of operating The Rootdown Group, it is this: Atlanta's real estate consumer, and to narrow that down, the qualified, Intown Atlanta and Decatur residential real estate Buyer, has a massive database of choices. New stuff everyday, in every submarket, at every price point, in every style, with good pricing. And, the good ones go quick. However, right now, less than 20% of the inventory of houses in the FMLS actually gets absorbed every month. The other 80% languish and eventually sell past their sell by date, leaving Seller's stressed and bewildered, wounded and hopefully smarter. A big list of these properties get price reductions, and eventually sell. At closing, the crestfallen Seller collects a lot less than they expected, or brings money to the table. Damn, that hurts. … [Read more...]